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What is the maximum weight that I can transport within Europe?2020-03-16T16:21:56+01:00

The maximum weight that we transport depends on the destination country. On average this is around 24,500 kilos (regular trailer). The length of these trailers is 13.6 metres. This offers the maximum space for 33 euro pallets and 26 block pallets. For this you must take into account a maximum height of 2.6 – 2.8 metres.

What does transport cost?2020-03-17T12:23:09+01:00

Price of transport depends on a number of factors.
1. Quantity
2. Load location
3. Delivery location
4. Type of Transport
5. Delivery time
It is best to request a quote for this

If I have questions about the schedule or I want to register an order quickly, which email address can I use?2020-03-17T12:26:34+01:00

The email address is: planning@sevenhillslogistics.nl

Am I insured during transport?2020-03-17T12:26:55+01:00

Your goods are insured as standard according to the most recent version of the FENEX conditions under which all services for transport requests are delivered.

In the case of a high commercial value, we recommend that you take out additional transport insurance.

Can private individuals also become a customer of Sevenhills Logistics?2020-03-17T12:27:31+01:00

We focus on offering our services to the business market.

It is therefore not possible to become a customer of Sevenhills Logistics BV as a private individual.

How long does it take before my shipment arrives?2020-03-17T12:28:04+01:00

This depends on the type of shipment and destination. In general, a shipment via sea freight will take longer than a shipment via road transport or air freight.

Our customer service and operation staff are happy to inform you about this.

When will I have to deal with customs?2020-03-17T12:28:31+01:00

Customs formalities are an issue for all countries outside the EU. For Europe, these include countries such as Switzerland, Norway and also a number of Eastern European countries.

I want to use an Escrow transaction. How do I start?2020-03-17T12:29:03+01:00

If you want to use our Escrow services, you can leave your details here by downloading and filling out an account opening form. Your personal adviser will contact you the same day to discuss the options.

What information do I need to start an Escrow transaction?2020-03-17T12:30:34+01:00

You need the following information to start a transaction:

  • The basic information of your other party (name, address, postal code, city, country and email address).
  • The transaction data (description, packing list, invoice, amount, delivery date and inspection period).
  • The payment details.

Additional information is available when starting the transaction.

How long does it take to open an Escrow account?2020-03-17T12:31:24+01:00

Opening an Escrow account only takes a few minutes.

What does the Sevenhills Foundation charge for Escrow Services?2020-03-17T12:33:43+01:00

The fee is 0.50% of the total amount with a minimum of € 100 per transaction. The buyer and seller mutually determine how this fee will be charged:

  • The buyer pays the fee. This fee is added to the total amount of the transaction.
  • The seller pays the fee. This fee is then deducted from the amount that is released to the seller.
  • The buyer and the seller both pay half of the fee. The buyer’s part is added to the total amount of the transaction and the seller’s part is deducted from the amount that is released to the seller.
Which payment methods does the Sevenhills Foundation offer for Escrow services?2020-03-17T12:34:07+01:00

Customers with a Dutch and foreign bank account can pay via a regular transfer.

What does Stichting Sevenhills do to guarantee optimum security for Escrow Services?2020-03-17T12:36:02+01:00

The Sevenhills Foundation has a number of securities that guarantee that client funds are securely placed:

  • Customers make the payment in their own trusted banking environment.
  • The funds are guaranteed in a trust account and cannot be used for other purposes.
  • Sevenhills Foundation is a payment service provider exempted by De Nederlandsche Bank.
What happens to the money placed in the Trust Account?2020-03-17T12:37:47+01:00

Your money is strictly guaranteed and not used for any other purposes. The Trust Account only acts as a conduit for payments.

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