Rail Transport

You want to send freight to Italy or import goods from Denmark. You’ve already made the choice to transport by land. But even then there are many different options. The European rail network is good. Rail transport is cheaper and more sustainable than road transport. However, it is necessary to take into account that your shipment will take longer to arrive. What are the lead times? What about customs clearance? Can I use a section of a wagon? Sevenhills Logistics has many years of experience when it comes rail transport. You can turn to our team for advice and practical help with booking and managing your shipment.


The distance between China and Europe is big. This presents a challenge when you as a company want to optimise your supply chain in terms of lead times and costs. Rail transport to and from China has therefore been a popular option for a number of years. The train brings containers from North and Central China to Europe in 15 to 18 days. Air freight is faster, but more expensive. Sea freight is cheaper, but takes much more time. In addition, rail transport is sustainable.

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